About Ding Financial

Ding Financial was recently established business. The experienced team has operated in the financial services industry for the past 30 years with 20 of those years involving finance and mortgages. With significant experience in local markets including accounting, taxation and real estate the team provides the local intelligence required to assist you with your mortgage needs.

Based in Mascot NSW, the team has seen rapid growth and changes to the borrowing market. This includes the continual increase in use of mortgage brokers to help clients navigate the new opportunities existing for borrowing. 

Lending and borrowing once the ruling domain of the major banks has seen the increase in competition from non-banks and minor banks with increase in service and competitive if not better interest rates.

Why choose us


With a wide range of bank and non-bank product providers available offering a comprehensive range of products include variable, fixed and self employed solutions, we can tailor your solution to your needs.

Financial Tools

We are a dynamic mortgage broker and we understand that obtaining a mortgage is step one of the journey. We provide our free financial fitness and monitoring tool to help you manage your finances and mortgage.

We work for you

Our company is not owned by a bank or product provider. We are owned by the staff and management team. Our goal is to work for you to achieve and identify solutions for your requirements.


Making the commitment to have a mortgage is a serious commitment. Planning for your saving of a deposit, the amount you can borrow, how you will repay, how fast you can repay are all considerations. Leverage our knowledge academy to help you get the full scenario in place.

Local knowledge

Our experienced team believes in keeping up to date with the actions, news and outcomes in the mortgage market that allows us to keep up to date and interpret how it impacts our clients.


Once you have the loan in place, it is important to consider the ongoing monitoring of the loan. From changes to interest rates, increases or decreases in monthly fees, when you make repayments and any changes to the loan balance. Use the tools we provide to gain the insights and monitoring.

Our mission

Our approach and mission is to assist clients achieve the mortgage and to provide the insights, intelligence and knowledge to pay off the loan in the most appropriate and suitable manner tailored to their individual circumstances.

Provide the insight and understand the impact of changing products, interest rates, economic and regulatory changes on the consumer in a consistent but intelligent manner.

  • Interest rate changes
  • Fixed vs variable rates
  • Banks vs non-banks
  • Monthly vs fortnightly repayments
  • Lump sum repayments
  • Increased and one-off repayments

Our experience

Financial and Mortgage Services 100%
Free Financial Management Tools 100%
Monthly Insights Newsletter 100%
Instant Message Finance Chat Solution 100%

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